Carrying Your EpiPen 

The new year has begun and it’s time to make sure that you are in a good habit of keeping your Epipen with you! 

I found that for most of my life I carried my Epipen in my school backpack and eventually in my purse. Just loose in the bag! If you have a lot of things in your bag, it might be hard to find your Epipen if it’s needed. 

These cute and clever ways of carrying your Epipen on you so that you’re able to find it easily in a messy bag. Bright coloured pouches can catch your eye in a rush but also if you travel very lightly, a carrying pouch for you’re Epipen is a great idea. And it’s perfect for kids bags when you send them off to school 🙂 

I found some visually attractive and inexpensive handcrafted Epipen carrying pouches on About to go buy one of these for myself! 

TheFuzzyStitch, $23 on Etsy

LizKingDesigns $28 on Etsy 


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