Food Allergy Treatment?

I recently heard on my local news station that developers are creating what seems to be a patch for those with a peanut allergy (with development of one for milk and egg allergies as well). 

I decided to look into this as it certainly would be beneficial to so many children and adults across the country (and world!) 

The company is DBV Technologies, who are in the phasing process of developing a patch called Viaskin (peanut, milk and egg). 

“In July 2010 the first clinical trial of Viaskin Peanut began in the United States. 100 adults (then adolescents and children) with peanut allergies, 70 with non-life threatening and 30 that were severe. They were randomised and treated for two weeks with Viaskin Peanut or a placebo. In overall the doses for adults and adolescents/children were shown to be well-tolerated maximum doses regardless of administration. DBV Technologies released the complete results of the clinical trial in June 2012.”

If you would like to read more about their studies and trials, be sure to click here

DBV Technologies are currently in Phase III clinical study of Viaskin. 

I greatly hope and believe that if this patch can become FDA approved it will forever change the lives of those who deal with food allergies. After reading through the clinical studies of each phase and what steps they are taking to progress the development of this patch is hopeful. I cannot wait to hear more about their initiative. 


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